Job ID 070317003
Location Glendale, California, United States
Job Posting Company Nikgoo Animation Studio
Date posted 07/03/2017

Looking for a skilled storyboard artist who is responsible for:

• Meet with creative supervisors to discuss objectives of storyboard; what is desired or to be achieved.

• Create storyboards by implementing storytelling objectives.

• Follow instructions of creative supervisors.

• Address any problems with creative supervisors; and good ability of problem- solving.

• Communicate progress of work to creative supervisors and to appropriate production staff.

• Follow proper document management requirements (i.e., file naming and storage) according to the production’s guidelines.

• Meet all deadlines as determined by Production Manager.

It’s a work from home job, but requires a person can communicate with us during day at pacific time zone when it’s needed. The ideal candidate is a responsible reliable person who can send files to us on time.

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